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Real Estate Investing – How To Automate Your Business Using Slybroadcast

Below is a transcription from the video above

whos_in_charge03On this particular post, again I’m wanting to give you guys more tools that you can really allow yourself to be the CEO of your business. What I mean by that, CEO. CEOs aren’t always working in the middle of their business. They’re working on the outside of the business. If you look at a lot of entrepreneurs in today’s market … Or even if you go a hundred years back, you look at somebody like Andrew Carnegie with Bethlehem Steel. Was he down there working on the steel? No, he was focused on building more tasks for his people to have jobs. It was during a really tough time in the United States. If he was to go down there and start working on the jobs, do you think he would be able to focus on generating more connections with people that needed to get up more railroads? Or whatever it may be the steel was needed for at that point in time. If he were to focus on getting down there and doing the things that were necessarily what the employees were doing, he wouldn’t be focusing on getting more profit for the company, which in turn, would get more of his employees money in their pocket.

When I say you need to run your company as a CEO, I mean you need to get out of your own way, hire people that can go in and do these things for you. I talk a lot with a lot of my private students about having an acquisitions manager, a liquidations manager, a marketing manager, a closing coordinator, a team manager, a bookkeeper. These things are important. You may not be there right now, right this second. You might be a solopreneur, as I like to say, a one man show or a one woman show. You may be in that stage right now and that’s completely fine. I want to help your business. I want to help your life so you can stay focused on making profits within your business.

Automating Your Message To Reach People Quickly

SlyBroadcast is a tool we use in our business and we’ve talked about Call Loop. We’ve talked about Call Loop and sending off text message reminders. Slybroadcast does something with sending off a message to somebody’s cellphone, or work number, home number, whatever number it is. It’s sending it off to their work number, to where it automatically goes to the voice mail. You can have something on the voice mail say, “Hey, it looks like I just missed you. This is Jason Lucchesi. I’m reaching out to you because I have a great deal. It’s substantially at a huge discount. It’s ready to go. It’s ready for somebody like you that’s looking in this area to purchase this home. Give me a call back. Then you give them your phone number.” You let them know to call you back. Instead of you picking up the phone, calling 100’s of people, maybe you’re not at 100’s of people. Maybe you’re at 10, 20 or 30 people. That could still result in a lot of time. Time is the most precious thing for you to really grasp and hold onto right now.

What I’m recommending to you, use something like a Slybroadcast. It’s super cheap. Let me know show you. I’ll go to pricing right now. I do the the Pay as You Go. I don’t do monthly. Because I typically will buy in a large group. Look at this. 100 deliveries for 10 bucks, 10 bucks. You get 100 of your voice mails delivered to 100 people for 10 bucks. Let me ask you this. How much do you value that hour that you have for yourself as a CEO? Is that 100 bucks, 250 bucks, 500 bucks an hour? Start thinking as you being the┬áproblem solver. You diagnose somebody similar to what a doctor does. You diagnose how you’re going to be able to help them with buying their property. If you don’t thinking as yourself as a high level individual, you’ll get the high level profits that you want. I’m trying to show you, tweak something in your head to where you are at that CEO level and you are getting the amount of profits that you and your company deserve.

Using Tools To Run Your Business Effectively And Intelligently

Having tools like this, having tools like I’ve mentioned in previous posts like Call Loop, this is going to help you from an automation standpoint and reach the people that you need to within a much faster period of time. Simple, that’s my point. Use something like this. You can try it out for free. Again, Call Loop, you can try that out for free, very easy to do. Here’s the steps, the 4 step process. You go here, Upload or Record a voice message. Schedule your campaign and set the Caller ID. That’s a cool thing, too. It doesn’t go to their caller ID. You can put it up for yours. If you want to have your number on there, so they can just take call back immediately, that’s perfect. All you do is upload your contacts list. If you don’t have an Excel spreadsheet put together yet, just put one together. It takes maybe 5, 10 minutes to do, depending on your list size. Then deploy your message. This says to 1,000s of people, if you’re not at the 1,000s of people yet, not a problem. If it’s dozens, or if it’s 100s, this will work out perfectly for you. Again, 100 messages to send out, 10 bucks, very easy to use.

I highly recommend you use Slybroadcast. Great tool for you to use to get right to the person’s voice mailbox. As soon as they listen to that message, they’ll be giving you a call back. I can tell you from doing this, we receive a 75% call back from when we send that message. It’s very, very critical to use. The responsive time that it takes for somebody to call us back is great. We create a demand at that point. We have several people calling us back all at once. It creates a high demand. I highly recommend you use Slybroadcast. Try it out. It’s for free. You can either go to or you can click the link that I have for you right below this video. Or if you’re watching this from Facebook, it will probably be above this video.

The Conclusion To Having More Automation

Other than that, leave me a comment if you found this post to be useful for you. Do you like this type of stuff that I’m creating for you, these videos and posts? Do you find this content about making your business more automated, more systematized, is this being helpful? Leave a comment below for me. That’s the only way it helps me create content for you that’s ultimately going to be helping you and your business. So with that being said, thanks for taking the time to watch or read this post with me, going through this information with me on Slybroadcast. I wish you nothing but great success in your business as usual. If you are on the team right now, you’re following along, this is great. Make sure you’re getting out your 15 offers on great deals every single week. That will allow you 60 offers made per month. That will allow you to at least get 2 to 4 deals closed each and every month. If you need any other further help, let me know and I will be more than happy to lend a helping hand.

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