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Case Study Interview With James Hall

Jason Lucchesi recently had the opportunity to interview student-investor,
James Hall.

James Hall is a graduate of the program Government Loophole Magic, and
recently completed a deal while he was in another country.

On this training webinar presentation, the following is covered:

1) How James completed 90% of this deal while working in a tropical
2) How James lined up funding with for this
3) How James found the ultimate end buyer for this transaction on a social
networking website
4) How James managed to truly only invest about 4 hours of his own time on
this deal from start to finish
… and so much more!

Government Loophole Magic – Strategic Business Planning

On this live Q&A coaching call webinar, Jason Lucchesi
discussed how to properly set up a business plan for 2014
that you can be 100% successful with!

We discussed how to properly set up Attainable Goals
We discussed how to properly set up Action Steps
We discussed how to properly Adjust Your Plan As You Go
….and so much more!

Be prepared for SUCCESS in 2014!

Books mentioned on this webinar:

1) Braininfluence by: Roger Dooley
2) Covert Persuasion by: Kevin Hogan
3) Crush It! by: Gary Vaynerchuk
4) The E-Myth Revisited by: Michael E. Gerber
5) Good To Great by: Jim Collins


Government Loophole Magic – Coaching Call Session

Here’s access to one of our recent Live Q&A Coaching Call sessions we did for our current student-investors.

We answered a ton of questions that real estate investors seem to be facing as roadblocks within this market.

- We covered what markets are doing what and how to identify them
- We covered how to analyze a deal for maximum profit
- We covered how to find direct deals
- We covered how to speak direct with private lenders and cash buyers
…. and so much more!

Click the “Play” button now, and see for yourself!


If you’re not a current Government Loophole Magic member, click here to see if you might want to become one!


I’ve partnered with as a Brand Advocate and I’m excited to introduce you to this online real estate auction platform in more depth.

If you’re not familiar with, it’s an online auction platform that officially launched in 2008. Since then, the platform has been responsible for over $20 billion in real estate transactions with more than 100,000 properties sold.

Selling a home on offers many unique benefits for home sellers. Here are just a few of those benefits:

  1. List your home for free and still enjoy a national marketing reach. All listed homes are marketed to buyers and investors on the nation’s largest real estate marketplace at no cost to the seller or agent.
  2. Sellers know when to expect a sale as auction dates are set in advance and can happen as soon as 30 days from original listing. This shorter time commitment means sellers can plan ahead, save time, and sell their home fast.
  3. The format eliminates complex contigencies and negotiations. Within 24 hours of a successful bid, non-contingent purchase agreements are signed and Earnest Money Deposits are received. Escrow closes in 30 days for cash purchases and 45 days for financing.. This shorter time commitment means sellers can plan ahead, save time, and sell their home fast.

If you’ve sold a home online with, I’d love to hear about your experience. If you’re not familiar with the platform, I recommend you check it out.