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LIVE Case Study From The No Flipping Excuses Summit

We just wrapped up our No Flipping Excuses Summit, and the feedback from attendees was incredible.

On the first night, we had a student bring us a deal that needed help with the negotiations.

We did a live call in front of the entire audience to the seller, and things went pretty well.

The owner of record was in a tight spot and needed to sell this property immediately.

We negotiated the property for $60,000 in front of everybody. We could’ve gotten the property for about $5,000 less, but we didn’t want to be greedy as this owner needed the cash to pay off all of her debt.

The contract was signed the next morning at $60,000, and our student partner was beyond thrilled with what she just witnessed.

By the way, this property is worth $200,000 in its current condition. You do the math on the potential profit spread.

Check out the video clip below:

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