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How To Form Your Own Real Estate Investing Meetup Group

Below is a transcript from the video above.

I wanted to talk to you about what you can be doing right now with forming your own Meetup group. Meetup is an awesome service that you could be using right now to start gaining exposure and building up partnerships with other individuals within your area, and you could become the individual authority figure that other people go to when they need to get deals unloaded. I get this all the time, like, “Hey, I don’t really have the the type of, you know, the authority power you have.” The only thing I could tell you is, “Yes, you do.” You can do anything you want right now. You have to power to go onto Meetup, make the group, and meet up maybe once a month.

Typically, what we do with our Real Estate Investor Association is we meet up the second Tuesday of every month. What I would recommend you do, go on there, create a Meetup group for your area, name the group whatever you want. If you’re wanting to name the group with “real estate” in it, name it with something with real estate in it, and get the meetup going.

The Meeting Of The Minds

Meeting up with other like-minded professionals is going to help you out dramatically. When you meet up with other like-minded professionals on a monthly basis, it really encourages you to either get up to the level that they’re at or higher. Maybe you’re the individual that hasn’t closed the first deal yet or maybe you’ve closed one or two deals, so you’re not really experienced, but you really want to make this happen for yourself. You want this to be a full-time job. You want to be the CEO of your own business, so what you need to do is start thinking like one and create the Meetup group, and really just commit to the process. Give it 90 days.

You don’t need to rent out some giant conference room right now. You could just meet up at a Starbucks, or some place just here in Indianapolis that we can meet up at, they allow you to, if you spend $50, get a gift card, and everybody chips in to get the 50 bucks, you get a conference room in this coffee shop. It’s really cool. You get a nice conference room table. You get chairs. For those who drink coffee or water, you can just go in there, chill out, relax, and just have a topic to discuss.

The good thing about this is, forming your own Meetup is, everyone has a chance to talk. What I would recommend you do is if you start off small, say, for instance, you start off, there’s only about four to five people that show up to the meeting once a month, just have everybody go around for about 15, 20 minutes. Do a hot seat session and just have them spill everything about their business, and then everybody in the room just help that person. It’s a helpful group, to give good feedback, good constructive feedback to that individual. I’m telling you, you’re going to get a lot of ideas. You’re going to give a lot to the group, and you’re going to get a lot in return.

Telling Everyone About Your Meetup Group

The group will grow as over time people are going to start to learn about your group. I would highly recommend you take pictures. Do short videos explaining, “Hey, I’m just about to go into our Real Estate Investors Association.” Post that stuff up on Facebook. Invite people from your Facebook. Put it up on Instagram. Put it up on YouTube. Just start creating a frenzy about it and more people will want to start to come within a very short period of time. I didn’t even send anything out to my email list. I just put up on Meetup that we formed this group, and within a very short period of time we had 70, 75 people, and now I think the thing’s over 300 people, and we haven’t even done anything with it. We haven’t even touched it with any advertisements. It grows quickly and it grows in a very organic way to where you’re getting a lot of engagement from people in the community.

I really like this meetup group idea because it helps you meet other people that are in real estate in your area and you guys can do a lot of potential deals together. Maybe you have a seller of a really great estate sale property, and the individual from the group has a buyer. You guys could synergistically work together and do some sort of a joint venture on a potential deal. It definitely has its pluses to the group. Just take a open mind with it and if you don’t get a lot of people that first meeting, don’t worry about it. Continue to do it because you have to be consistent with it or else it’s not going to work. Like anything in business, if you’re not consistent, it’s not going to work.

Do the Meetup group if you want. I highly encourage it. I highly recommend it. I see a lot of successful people really taking advantage of the Meetup platform, and it’s something that you can get in right now and start growing it organically to where you can be doing a lot of business with other people within your area.

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