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Real Estate Investing – Why Using Call Loop Is Extremely Beneficial

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Below is a transcription of the video above

I wanted to make this quick video because in business, you have to truly be evolving, you can’t be constantly doing everything in the business. You got to be focusing on the larger picture here, the bigger picture here, and that’s focusing on creating your outside towards you as the CEO of your business can truly go on the outside and look at ways to make the business run smoother. One of the things that I wanted to touch based with you on right now is the software that I use for my business in getting out to a large group of people within a very short period of time. That is the software CallLoop.

Why Should You Use Callloop Within Your Investing Business

As you could see on your screen (reference to video above), I use CallLoop for specifically getting out to people through a text message within a very short period of time. I’m talking like probably in under a minute, you could get out to thousands of people. Now, just keep in mind, you have to have permission to do that. You have to make sure that you’re following your state guidelines also. Just making sure when you go on to CallLoop, they’ll let you know exactly how to do this. You do have to have permission. I would recommend you go on here. Check it out. You could sign up for free, you could use it. I would recommend that you do use the link that I have below. You could sign up and send out twenty five messages for free.

How you could do this? Why you would want to use this? This is a great software like if you have a great deal, and you want to get it to your buyers list as quickly as possible, well, all you need to do is you go in to CallLoop, you go in and what you do is you set up a broadcast. If you’re saying, “Hey, brand new property. Three, one. Ready for you to buy. Thirty one thousand dollars. Here’s the link. Take a look at it.” Then they click the link. They take a look at the property, they respond back to you, and you’ll be able to see. The cool thing is you could see who clicks on that link that is in the text, so that you could at least get a feel for, “Hey. Is this this type or marketing working? Am I reaching out to my people the right way?”

Automate The Communication Within Your Business

automationThe cool thing is, when you do send out a text message broadcast … I recommend using MailChimp, using MailChimp as your email platform provider. The main reason why is you could again, you could send out a large email broadcast within a very short period of time. Instead of sending out twenty five or thirty or however big your cash buyer list is, instead of sending out a big individual email to all these people, going in one by one, one by one, and that potentially taking hours to do, you could just send out one message to everybody and you could customize it to where that individual could see, “Hey, Jim,” and then the rest of it could be completely customizable from there. It’s really all about automating your business to reek your focus on the things that are generating profits for you and your company.

I personally like using CallLoop because we have a seen a dramatic increase in productivity and conversions. It’s like a ninety nine percent deliverability rate that it gets to the text on somebody’s phone. From what statistics are showing, people are looking at text messages like dramatically different compared to an email. The main reason why is it pops up right on the phone. Sometimes, people don’t have their phones programmed to where emails pop up and show immediately right off the bat, “Hey. Here’s that text message.”

It’s really cool for you to go in, hop in, take a look at it, and just play around with it. Again, if you click the link below, you’ll get twenty five free messages. Again, you sign up for free, you could test it out, you get the twenty five credits, and you could just see if it’s something that you would like to use. I would at least have you check it out. See if it’s something that you could start generating additional deals getting closed within a faster period of time. We use this because we send out the link from the email that MailChimp generates.

Using Tools For Complete Business Domination

dominate-your-market-niche-workshopWhat I mean by that is MailChimp generates a link for each of your emails that you send off successfully. I take that link and what I do is put it into my CallLoop text broadcast. CallLoop will shorten the link from mailchimp for you because as that whole link won’t be able to properly appear on the text message. What you could do is it also allow you to track who clicks on your messages within that text that you just send out. That’s also very cool. You can monitor who is looking at your messages, who’s clicking on them, and who’s responding to you. It’s a great way to see if something is working or not for you.

Once you get that link from MailChimp, you just put it in to your message, to your text message broadcast, you send that out and it gets to them probably within a few seconds from when you hit send off to your group, for however big the list is. We send off to hundreds, if not thousands sometimes and it reaches them within seconds. The cool thing about it is you could have somebody contacting you back about a property within one, two, possibly three hours. Instead of waiting days, all you have to do is find out your answer within hours.

Most individuals within the investing game, they tend to wait days to hear back from people or then they start having to individually phone call people (not very productive). It’s just so ineffective and so outdated and for a CEO to have to call each individual buyer to see if they’re interested in the property, that’s not what you’re meant to be doing as the CEO in your business. Do one possibly two things, you send off the MailChimp email, then you send out a text message broadcast to your people and that’s it. Let them start calling you, rather than you calling them to see if they’re interested in the property.

The Conclusion To Using (Leave me a comment below please)

I just wanted to let you know about CallLoop. Let me know your experiences with CallLoop. Leave a comment below. Let me know if this is helpful. I want to try and let you know some of the automation tools that I’m using, so that you could benefit from them too. Let me know what your thoughts are on CoolLoop. Let me know if this is a tool that you’re using or you’re about to use from maybe this video that I’ve created for you.

That’s all I have for you right now. If you need anything else, let me know. I’m here to help you. If you want to talk about your business, again, just let me know in the comments below and I’ll be more than happy to reach out to you.

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