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Real Estate Investing – Review On How, Why And Using Enounce For Increased Productivity

Below is the transcript from the video above

We’re all in this business to … Let me rephrase, let me back up. We are entrepreneurs that want to create profitable businesses. Nobody gets into this to create a job for themselves. Most of the time, we end up doing that, especially in the beginning part of really growing and creating a business.

When I first got started off in this business, it was just me, just me. I was doing the deals, all of it from start to finish. Once you grow, you start outsourcing. I do this to folks, I tell them this because this is what you need to do. You need to get out of your own way, get out of your own way because it will cause you to just plateau and then you’ll start seeing profits dwindle. That’s not what I want for you. You need to constantly be filling your brain up with the right type of fuel.

The one thing you need to take a look at is you need to keep your brain operating like a Lamborghini. Not like a 1984 Chevy Nova because if you are creating a business that you really want to leave behind a powerful legacy, for whoever it may be. Or if you just want to live a great life right now and you want to empower and inspire others, you need to constantly be thinking like a CEO. That’s why, in this particular post, I wanted to give you my review on Enounce.

What Is Enounce

Enounce is a really great way for you to … If you’re going through training and I highly recommend you become a knowledge junkie. Don’t become an individual that gets analysis paralysis. They’re as smart as can be but they never do anything with the knowledge that they have. With that being said, I want you to become more balanced in your business, not just focusing on your business 100% of the time. You need to focus on other things so if you’re married, spend more time with your spouse. If you’re married and have kids, spend more time with your family, time is so, so precious. If you’re single and you’re just looking to really create something awesome and you want to have a great life, you need to still have the balance, even though you are single or maybe you’re just seeing people here and there, whatever it may be. That’s your personal life but I will just give you a couple recommendations, a couple tips. You have to be balanced, either you’re going to the gym, reading books, going out with friends, and enjoying that group atmosphere. Whatever it may be, whatever your thing may be, you need to have a balance.

One of the things I want to go over with you is still having that knowledge, creating and allowing yourself to be more aware of the things that are out there. You need to constantly be spending time on increasing your productivity in, not just business, but in life.

Enounce helps speed that up because the most important thing is time, time is so, so important, it’s so critical. If we can, maybe, watch a video that is going to help us and it’s going to help us become a better person, a better business person then this is going to be a great software for you. It allows you to speed up and save time on videos that you want to watch. Let me bring up one that I wanted to show with you really quick.

This is a Tony Robins motivational for success (see video above). I just brought this up just because I like Tony, I think he’s a cool dude. If you haven’t watched that new Netflix thing, I believe it’s called, “I’m not your Guru” I don’t know where they came up with the title. Either way, it’s a pretty solid documentary that they followed him around on one of his seminars that he does. Obviously Tony’s been around the game for quite a while.

Here’s what I want to show you, I’m going to bring up my little slider here and I increased the speed. Normally speeds are at, obviously, one, that’s the norm, that’s the regular. If I increased it from one to almost two and I could still understand it, here’s what I mean, if you take a 42 minute video, almost 42 minutes, you can save 21 and a half minutes and you could still understand this. Let me play it for you really quick.

“To raise the standard is to discover what you’re capable of and feel that incredible power pushing through whatever’s holding you back and get tot he other side of more of your true self …”

Using Enounce For Additional Productivity 

I know it sounds somewhat chipmunkish, a little … It doesn’t sound too chipmunkish, let me just back up for a second. It doesn’t sounds like we’re going too fast. This, for me, is perfect. You might be at 1.3, 1.5, whatever it may be. This one, let me bring up the slider again, I’m pretty sure I’m at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, I’m at 1.6 and at that level, I can still understand him and it just takes a little bit of time for your brain to adapt. You’ll be like, “Oh my gosh, that totally makes sense.” My brain literally … Your brain is so much … It’s one of the most fascinating things that you’ll ever be able to come to.

You could do so many hacks to your brain, it’s so incredible. This is one of them, as you start hearing in a 1.2 or a 1.4, your brain starts to adapt to that and then you can start speeding it up even more. I’ve never gone up to a 3.0, that’s just freaking nuts. Anybody that does that, they’re probably a rain man or something. They must’ve gone to MIT or they’re a Harvard individual but I just don’t understand what they’re saying at those higher levels.

It’s cool for Enounce to give you that type of feedback that you can use it up to a three speed. Like I said, I personally … I like between 1.6, 1.7, that’s typically where I can adapt that and I can still understand him. I’ve tried it at a 2 but it’s just too fast. I still save a ton of time, at 1.6, 1.7, that 43 minute video I just showed you, I can bang that out in 20 minutes.

It’s really cool and you save yourself a bunch of time. So instead of watching one video for 43 minutes, you could probably watch two or three within that period of time, using Enounce. It’s very easy to use, you could use it on your Mac, you can use it on your PC. It goes right up as … It goes on your toolbar, it’s something you can easily use. All you do is you activate it, I believe you actually do a free trial with it. You can do the free trial, use it, see how you like it, then after the free trial, I believe it’s super inexpensive. Let’s see, you could do a free trial right here, if you do the buy now … Let’s see, I’ll show you the one that I bought exactly.

Here it is right here, it’s a one time hundred bucks for either Mac or Windows. PC and Mac and then I think they have upgrades if you want to upgrade but I’ll be honest with you guys, I’ve been cool at this one that I’m using. I think I just purchased it not too long ago and I’ve used it quite a bit. You could use it to go through books, you could use it to go through videos.

I love audio books, as I’m working here, if I’m going through, doing some typing, some data entry or whatever it may be, looking at some reports or what not and I want to go through some audio books I have, just plug this in and it works. You do need to have Firefox, it won’t work in Chrome, they do let you know that I believe in some of the future updates that they do, maybe it’ll be a cool little add on that you can use in Chrome. I personally love using Chrome for my browser. But Firefox it will work in, I’m not sure about safari, I haven’t tried. They recommended that it works for Firefox for me.

I at least wanted to come by, let you guys know about this cool software that you can use. It’s really just saving time and becoming that knowledge junkie. The more you know, the more you can really grow as a human being, you can grow your business, you can grow giving more to others. That’s why I’m creating this, I want to give this to you guys.

Final Thoughts On Enounce And Conclusion

Check out the free trial, you can click the link below for Enounce. You can get started with the free trial. If you don’t like it after the free trial, no sweat no big deal. I’m not a part of the company, I’m just giving you my review, my two cents because I wanted to give you guys some cool stuff that you can be using within your own business and, again, expanding that CEO mind set of constantly being in the know and constantly raising the bar on your own personal goals. Get balanced guys, get balanced. Spend at least an hour a day going through some audio books or videos like I just showed you. Use something like Enounce so you can get more of that in there. More of that in your head.

I’ll be going over some book reviews in the upcoming videos that I make that talk about how … If you do use something like in Enounce, you actually learn more because the things that stick out to you are … When it’s going so fast, you’ll start understanding and hearing things differently from the brain’s perspective that you start learning more, it’s really cool. I can’t explain it until you actually go through it. Check it out, I hope this helps, leave me a comment below. Let me know if this automation tool is something you think is cool or if you just like, “Dude, this sucks.” Just let me know, be honest with me. I want to give you guys tools that you can be using within your business that will be helpful and beneficial.

Other than that, please leave a comment below and I will continue to create videos like this. If there’s anything in particular that you want me to make, that you need help with within your business, I’ll be more than happy to do that. Other than that, have a great day, get some closed transactions done, and like I say to my high end students, get at least 15 offers out there each and every week.

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