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Real Estate Investing – How To Get Your Real Estate Investing Business Started

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Just wanted to come to you today and deliver some powerful information to you. I’ve been receiving a lot of information and questions in regards to how do I get started? How do I get my business moving in the right direction.

It’s, really, a couple things that it, really, boils down to. You’ve got to take out of your head, all of the shiny objects that you’re going to see on different webinars. You’re going to see all these different types of webinars out there, all these different types of courses out there, that are going to say, hey, you can make ten, twenty, thirty thousand dollars doing this. Okay?

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with those webinars, with those training programs, or if you see something on the internet, you know, going to a seminar. There’s nothing wrong with those things. If all you’re doing is buying course after course, you’re not going to see the success that you want, I promise you.

The main reason why I could promise you that, is because I was there. I spent six thousand dollars on one course to get me started. I spent another thirty-four thousand dollars on training programs. At the end of the day, all I had was training programs wrapped in cellophane. It really didn’t get me anywhere. I didn’t know how to get started.

How To Get Laser Focused On The Success Of Your Business

None of the courses … This wasn’t the courses’ fault, it was mine. I didn’t know how to get started. The thing I’m going to tell you guys right now is, the way to get started is to get laser-focused on one strategy.

If your strategy is to focus on fix n’ flip deals, focus on fix n’ flip deals. If you’re going to be focusing on wholesale deals, focus on wholesale deals. That’s it. If you’re going to focus on buying turn-key (income producing) properties, focus on that. What I’m trying to tell you, here, is you need to get laser-focused on one thing. Do that right now.

Next. As soon as you have your laser-focused idea of what you’re wanting to do, what you’re wanting to do, from how you’re going to be profitable in business, you need to get organized.

Getting Your Business Organized For Ultimate Success

One of the things that I give out to folks … I’ll make a link for it here. I’ve got a, it’s just going to be a free download. You don’t need to put your email in or anything like that. I’m just going to give it to you. Just, all you need to do is click the link above. You can download it for free. I don’t want your email. I don’t want your first name, or anything like that. Not saying I don’t value that. I just don’t want you guys thinking that all I’m trying to do is get your email and all that kind of stuff. I’m going to send you a bunch of nonsense. That’s not the case.

This is my sheet, right here, that I’m going to be giving to you guys. You can simply download it RIGHT HERE. It’s nothing special. Okay. I’m not trying to down the stuff that I produce here. Literally, it’s just a one sheet that goes from 8:00 until 9:00, am through pm. Anybody can make this. You know, some of the other stuff that I make, obviously, they can’t create.

This is going to help you stay organized. You know, you need to have that organization within your business. Right off the bat, you’re going to start off as a solopreneur. You’re not going to be that full-fledged entrepreneur right off the bat.

You need to get laser-focus on a few things. You need to get your sheet. You need to able to, really, just mark your day, of what you’re planning on doing. What I mean by that is, you really need to focus in on, hey, this is what I’m going to be doing from nine to ten. This is what I’m going to be doing from ten to eleven. You need to focus on that.

It’s not just about buying programs and going, oh, man, I’m going to get the motivated sellers. I’m going to get them, get them, get them, or I’m going to find cash buyers. I’m going to find a ton of them. That doesn’t result to anything if you can’t find sellers for your buyers, and vice versa. If you have deals and you don’t have buyers, it’s not going to work out. You need to get focused.

A Simple System For Knowing What Needs To Get DONE

The other thing that I was going to do … Let me get this here for you guys. This. I don’t have this one for you for free. You, actually, have to, probably, go get this. A pad. A legal pad. A yellow pad of paper.

Mark down the top five things that you need to accomplish every single day. Put that on your keyboard. Before the end of the day, every day that you go into your office, or you have your laptop, you know the top five things that you need to accomplish for that day. Do not move on. Do not get steered in any other directions. Try to stay laser-focused on those five things. Do not move on to anything else until those five things are completed and done.

I promise you, you will see great results within a very short period of time. You’re going to see a lot happen. You need to plan out for your business. If you’re not going to plan out for it, somebody else is doing it. They’re the ones that are becoming successful, that you’re seeing as testimonials, or the ones that are doing the webinars.

You need to get laser-focused on what you really want to accomplish. Put together a business plan. Put together a plan that you want to do within thirty, sixty, and ninety days. It needs to happen. It needs to happen. Before you start going out and finding seller deals, before you start going in networking with talking with buyers, before you start doing anything, the first thing you need to start doing is putting together a business plan.

You need to mark down how you’re going to find sellers. How you’re going to find buyers. How you’re going to put together your team. You need title companies. You need real estate agents. You need lawyers. You need inspectors. You need people to do things with you and your business. Okay? You need to start putting that together.

Planning For Success Instead Of Crossing Your Fingers

The next thing I would do is, once you put the business plan together, you need to put together an action plan. How are you going to find those motivated sellers? How are you going to find those cash buyers? How are you going to find your team members?

I promise you, once you have this done, you can knock it out in day, maybe, two hours, at most. If you’ve never put together a business plan before, I highly encourage you do it. You need to do it, if you want to become successful as a full-fledged real estate investor, because if you don’t, I promise you, you’re not going to see the results you want.

That’s why, you know, I get so passionate about this on my training programs, because you need to be focused on the things that are going to be making you money.

Buying courses, hearing what other people are doing, is great. I still buy educational programs. I still like to become a knowledge junkie, as I like to say it. You’re not going to get anywhere if you’re not planning for it.

Don’t be afraid to change your plan. I like to use something called plan-do-check-adjust. Do your, put your plan together. Do the plan. Check it. You need to be checking it on a daily, weekly, monthly, basis. Check the plan.

Then, don’t be afraid to adjust it, if you’re not seeing results, with, hey I’m doing this for trying to find motivated sellers, and nothing’s happening, adjust the plan. Adjust it. Same thing applies with cash buyers. Same thing applies with team members. Whatever you’re doing within your business, don’t be afraid to adjust it. Plan-do-check-adjust. Use that.

Use the sheet that I have for you. There’s going to be a download link right above this. All you need to do is just click the yellow button. You can have it for free. It’s just a simple, one-page document.

All that I ask is, if it does lend you some help, gets you focused, if that’s what that does, leave me a comment below. Check that you liked my page, because, without your likes, without your comments, I can’t get out to people like you. I can’t help people like you. I want to continue to help people. That’s what I love doing, on top of my own investing business.

Jason’s Conclusion And Final Wrap

Get the yellow legal pad. Get my download that’s above. Put together your business plan. Mark it for thirty, sixty, and ninety days. Don’t go further than ninety days. You’re just going to plan for a disaster. Plan out for the ninety days. Again, don’t be afraid to use the plan-do-check-adjust.

If you need any help, whatsoever, with implementing this, putting this into play, leave a comment below or send me a message. I’m here to help you. If you want to talk about your business, as well, you know, privately, you want to set up a one-on-one call and speak directly with me, let me know. I’m here to help.

Other than that, I got to get going. Leave me a comment below. Let me know your thoughts on this. If you need me to make additional videos, I will. I’m going to be coming up with some additional ones on getting financing and how to find it without spending a gargantuan amount of money on hard money lenders.

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